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We are a young but progressive company with a long history of selling and renting real estate. Helping our clients find the right buyer for their property is what we do best. We give a fair and no nonsense description and appraisal of the properties we have seen and try to match what you are looking for with what we have seen or what is available in the market. We are focused on one customer at a time.

All of our sales staff have personally bought, sold, rented or converted properties in the past and therefore have personal experience in how to help our clients go through the process.

With over 25 years of experience in real estate the company is led by a hands on manager who loves what he does. David has a background in sales and marketing having studied business at Bournemouth University in the UK. He owned his own agency in the UK and returned to the Caribbean in 2002. Having lived in Jamaica and visited or worked in many of the other islands he has both international experience and local knowledge making him the ideal person to assist and advise both local and overseas buyers in their quest to find the right property in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Island Properties is focused on helping clients to achieve their goal in real estate and we have the interest and the expertise to help them achieve this aim.

With regard to borrowing money to purchase a property, we are in discussions with various lenders with a view to making information on what terms and conditions are available to our clients. We have considerable experience in this area and want to be as knowledgeable and informed as we can be on the topic so we can guide or simply act as a sounding board for our clients. We are even hoping to get beneficial rates for our customers, but that process is still in discussion.


David Coombes
Managing Director

With many years of experience in real estate on a professional and a personal basis under his belt David lives and loves dealing with people and property. Having owned and run a real estate agency in the UK and worked in the local Barbados market for many years he has a great deal of knowledge, experience, a good understanding of what people are looking for and a very good feel for not only what helps to sell a property but how to go about finding the right buyer.

David is the owner and guide of Caribbean Island Properties. He has built up a portfolio of international contacts and clients, mainly from the UK, Europe, the US and Canada, but also from the Middle East and the Caribbean as a result of his tenure with Paramount International Television where he was Sales Director for almost 10 years.

Cindy Coombes
Director of Administration

With many years of expierence in admin and support in Barbados and overseas Cindy lived in Paris for many years and speaks fluent French. She is the admin arm of the company and usually the first port of call when contacting CIP.

Rosemary Inniss
Sales & Rental Agent

Rosemary started out her sales career in the early 80′s and moved to Canada soon afterwards where she worked in hospital administration for several years. On returning to Barbados in the early 90′s she continued in hospital administration until summer ’08 where she decided to join us as a sales agent who also supports our admin department.

She is very practical and capable and enjoys working with people and property. As a mother of three and a homemaker herself she is well qualified to help out with common sense questions and suggestions about residential family homes.



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